Monday, December 1, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt , Step one

Hello fellow quilters, We have a nice group of friends along with their friends on Facebook . This is my second BH Mystery . Last year , there was only four of us. This year, we have 16 and their friends for a total headcount of 31 .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cheese and Crackers

 Today , I finished machine quilting Mom's quilt top . She got this as a kit from Kelly Ann's Quilting in Warrenton . The pattern's from Atkinson Designs and cute to boot. Cheese and Crackers.

 . Mom started cutting before she read all the directions and messed up the first cut . But she made it through it and came out with a really cute lap size quilt . Mom likes to make that first block to "see" what it's going to look like . I know now from her making it , that I would want all the big scale print in the center . Learn as you go , once you make the first one of that design , you really know how to do it the next time . I machine quilted it with a pantograph that Cindy left over here . Buzzin Around 's the name I THINK > :) It was a fun design . I got turned around twice and stitched over some areas coming off the bee's head . You gotta pay attention and not just roll with it . I used King TUT color # 990 green olives for the front and off white Bottom Line for the bobbin .  I think I'm going to make one with scraps and put white where the green 's at . I got to clean up the Tin Lizzie and oil her up for the next top . I 'm going to try to get the table full of tops knocked out this year . I just have to quit making tops for the moment . I don't think that will happen ! LOL

Monday, April 16, 2012

So Many Things To Do in the Sweat Shop

I will probably sound scatterbrain during this post . I just have to catch you up with all my "current" projects ..  Well after the chicken quilt post , I have now dragged out my shameful attempt on mine . I know now why I kinda lost interest .

 I'm not much on this hand applique. I would rather be stitching binding   Oh speaking of binding , I have successfully put it on the number one Baker's Dozen quilt and just have a corner open for the label .
  I need a thread color that will show up this fabric . Any suggestions ? Nothing bites more than waiting for it to embroider and then you realize you chose the wrong color .
 I'm working on number 2 Baker's Dozen and have that fiery orange binding ready to go . 

 I'm also ready to label this ole quilt . I made it in the 90's . Oh you know you got some of those UFO's too. 
It's called Mother's Choice . I wished I had used just 2 colors , but I didn't . I must suffer through .I'm searching for scraps for the label . I know I have some of that green SOMEWHERE in here ! I got to get busy , Have a great day ! Wendy  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bragging on Momma

I just have to share this wonderful Maggie Walker block of the month quilt that dear Momma finished . 

I have this in my UFO pile . Momma set a goal and worked on her block an hour everyday . It took a year . YES , a whole year . She sent it to Mildred in Tenn. to hand quilt it . It's awesome ! I hope to get back on track one day and have the patience to finish mine . Go Momma !!!!! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

How I Got Into Quilting

         My mom used to take my grandma and Ms. Smith to town to shop and eat out . Grandma's my dad's mom and Ms. Smith's my uncle's mother in law. Got that ? It entailed dragging old ladies from store to store , helping with car doors , canes ,grocery carts, loading the trunk, and then taking them to eat . Yes, My momma's a saint . Seriously ! Ms. Smith was the quilt maker from Tenn. . Grandma wanted to make one . Mom and I decided that we would like to give it a try . 
      We would go to my uncle's house and we started with a simple strawberry quilt . Our background blocks were TORN from a white sheet . Oh yes , old school baby . We had to go fabric hunting with them to get just the right size polka dot for that strawberry and the just right green for the tops . Needless to say it was torture but we managed to hunt and gather the thread for the blanket stitch or buttonhole stitch and had our work cut out for us . 
Strawberry quilt

We did blanket stitch around the red polka dot and then the top green .


I hand quilted this in all four corners . 

The border design .

The back without the flash so you can see it .

The label , I wrote it in a red ink and that faded so bad . I went back and redid with a black pigma pen .

And I actually still have the CRAP I tied it with ! LOL 
        After we made the top , we tied  it with oh whatchamacallit , CRAP ! Ms. Smith wanted us to use a white sheet for the back but I showed up with blaring red . She wasn't impressed that I wasn't following her guidelines. I wasn't happy with the few ties in my wonderful strawberry quilt . I decide to hand quilt around the blocks . At the time , it was truly a nightmare . The blocks were out of a sheet and that is super hard to quilt through . I managed but it's not pretty . I took a class at Quilter's Confectionery to learn how to hand quilt . I had this quilt appraised years ago and was shocked that she said 550.00 . This is how I jumped into the world of quilting . I started reading everything I got my hands on and went to shops and asked lots of dumb questions. We had a rough start but so grateful that Ms. Smith took the time to teach us what she knew. Without her , what would I be doing and thinking and obsessing over if not my fabrics , patterns and UFOS !  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's Mission

Quilted with Flowers and Swirls . 
Well , today I slipped into town with a mission in mind. I finished machine quilting a lap quilt out of the Swirly Girls book . I had my quilt and need binding . . I wanted lime green . This quilt is very busy and out of my comfort zone . I'm old school , more traditional kind of girl . BUT , I really liked this pattern and went for it . I ran errands and went to 145 Art & Design  to fetch up some binding .

Orange piece

Pretty pink piece ! :)
 Noreen , the owner , found 2 pieces to go with it . I really dig the pink . I purchased the orange too . I have another top to finish that will be this one's twin . We sat and talked about the money you have in a quilt and what would be a good selling price . I love talking to Noreen . I purchased some ticking to make something for the Tin Lizzie to help on the sides . I will have to splain that another day . I'm going down to the sweat shop and cut up my fabric and hopefully get the pink binding on today . I'm torn between the 2 pieces . Pink , i think for  now . Heck , I have a second one to do so I will fight the lime green and orange piece WHEN I reach that point .